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Cisco courses at MIT (Auckland)

CCNA, CCNA security, CCNP, A+

Come and prepare your Cisco certification with the experts! Evening classes available for some courses, or if enough people request it.

Prepare for CCNA, CCNA Security, and CCNP at the Manukau Institute of Technology

prepare for CCNA, CCNA Security, CCNP and A+ at the Manukau Institute of Technology

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Preparation to the ICND2 certification exam

Preparation to ICND2 (evening classes)

Two courses preparing you towards the  200-101 ICND2 certification exam, resulting in the CCNA certification when combined to the ICND1 exam will run from July 2015. Alternatively, if you are a certified CCENT, this is the logical follow up  to prepare the 200-120 CCNA (composite exam)

These courses will be taught in the School of Engineering, home of the Cisco Networking academy  at the Manukau Institute of Technology.

The duration of each course is 8 weeks, and they will run in the evening.

Cisco Certification

Details out of one of our seven racks available to students to prepare Cisco certifications


CCNA Security

Blended and Distance CCNA Security Course

A preparation course to the CCNA Security  certification (640-554 IINS) will start in Auckland in  July 2015. This course can be made available in blended and/or distance format, depending on the numbers and geographical location of potential interested students.

The content of the course is described in a previous post

Blended? Distance?

Blended and distance allow you to complete the course out of normal business hours (evening/week-end)

How to register your interest

To register your interest or obtain further details, you need to get in touch via the contact page. We are looking forward hearing from you.


Career : Train Your Hands and Brain

Aim for a rewarding career

Over 2 million ICT jobs will be available around the world by 2015.

Are your hands and brain prepared to fill them?

Build your ICT skills through Cisco Networking Academy .

You can prepare your IT certifications in Auckland at the School of Engineering at the Manukau Institute of technology. Learn more at  http://www.technologysecurity.org/cisco-networking-auckland/

Comments on the Quality of CCNP Course

Moderator’s comments

The Manukau Institute of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand) has received last week the external (industry) moderator’s report for the Advanced Networking Engineering 3 course, preparing students for the Cisco SWITCH certification exam.

Here are some of the comments:

“students are assessed on their in-depth understanding of the topic.”

“Both the coverage and depth of the” (skills) “assessment are of high industry standards.”

“…shows how successful the students have mastered the course. The students’ performance is outstanding”

“The students get the knowledge and skills the network industry needs.”

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If you need more details, or wish to enrol,  contact us for more details

CCNA Evening classes

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

The CCNA evening classes are starting in Auckland on Monday 16/02/15, at 17:30.


Manukau Institute of Technology

Gate 8, P block, room P309.

If you have not had the time to get hold of the enrolment form, there will be some available on the spot.

Take you Career to the Next Level

Further your career

Prepare your certification at the Manukau Institute of Technology

Take your Career to the Next Level

Take your Career to the Next Level

Source: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/static/final_draft3.jpg

Networking Courses

There are a few spaces available on the networking courses (evening classes) at the Cisco academy located at the Manukau Institute of Technology (Auckland).

The CCNA night classes will prepare you to take the certification in one year.

The students have physical access to the labs 7 days per week.

The classes will be starting 16th February.

More information about certification can be found here and about our offerings here

What to do next?

To enrol, contact Jane on 09 968 8056 before it is too late.

email: technology_administration@manukau.ac.nz(technology_administration@manukau.ac.nz)

or use http://www.technologysecurity.org/contact/ for more information, organise a visit and or talk to the instructors.

Prepare your CCENT and CCNA Certification this year

Certification? What is a certification?

A person gets certified after taking a exam offered by a vendor in a test centre.

The  Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) are the entry level certifications to become a networking professional.

Why should I take the certification exam?

You might want to formalise or extend your present knowledge.

Holding a valid certification exam in the proof of your knowledge. It can be scary to take the exams, as they are fast paced and not easy – that is what make their value after all! With the correct preparation, you should be able to clear them easily!

Cisco certifications are recognised worldwide and lead students into starting roles for businesses operating a Cisco network. They are also a starting point towards higher certification or certification in other networking area, such as network security, wireless…

There is a lot of demand for Networking specialists!

I am working during the day time and will not be given the time off to attend classes!

You can study towards the CCNA and CCENT certification in Auckland at MIT,  recognised as a centre of excellence for Cisco certification training . In 2015, we will be running classes in the evening, starting from 16th February. Since the places are limited, you need to book your place and enrol on the course as soon as possible. Do not get caught!

We will give you access to our racks of equipment 7 days per week.

You will be ready to sit the CCENT certification in July, and the CCNA certification at the end of November. You could also decide to take one single exam covering the two certifications at the end.

Come an get to VIP pass to success!

Contact Jane on 09 968 8056

email: technology_administration@manukau.ac.nz (technology_administration@manukau.ac.nz)

or use http://www.technologysecurity.org/contact/

Use the contact page, should you wish to organise a visit to have a look around and meet the instructors.

*(64) 9 968 8056 from outside of New Zealand.

CCNA topics (Part 1)

Content of the CCNA courses

Following a few enquiries made via the contact form, I will describe in the next few posts the content covered in the computer networking courses run in Auckland at the Manukau Institute of Technology. Subsequent posts will cover CCNA, CCNP and CCNA Security

Get a CCNA to start a carreer in Network Engineering

Be part of the future of Network Engineering

For the first post in this set of four, I will start with the Cisco Academy course Introduction to Networks.

The main topics are:

Configuring a Network Operating system

Network Protocols and Communications

Network Access


OSI and TCP/IP Models

IP Addressing and Subnetting

This course is next scheduled to run in July 2014, and lasts for 12 weeks.  To enrol, give us a ring on 09 968 8712.  For the purpose of enrolling on the course, it is known as Advanced Networking Technology 1.

The next post will be about Routing and Switching Essentials.