Zoom has been heralded as the solution to use for online meetings during the COVID19 lockdown, but When looking more in depth, Zoom presents multiple security risks.

Its use has been approved for use by government and business. Cabinet meetings are using this tool at least in the UK and New Zealand.

Security issues

However the use of Zoom services seem to expose users to many security issues:

How Zoom.us is organised
How Zoom is working
source: https://theintercept.imgix.net/wp-uploads/sites/1/2020/04/zoom-enc.jpg


Zoom is exceptionally usable and a very convenient way to hold meetings. However the participants need to be aware that their privacy is likely to be compromised, and that the content of the meeting is probably accessible by other people.

More information

CitizenLab has conducted an in-depth analysis of the service, advising not to use the services of Zoom if you need privacy and confidentiality, especially for

Governments worried about espionage

Businesses concerned about cybercrime and industrial espionage

Healthcare providers handling sensitive patient information

Activists, lawyers, and journalists working on sensitive topics

Alternative Solutions

There are alternative solutions available, and you might be interest at the analysis conducted by Computerworld.

Found on Twitter: a UK cabinet meeting on Zoom
UK Cabinet meeting on Zoom
source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EUcf6P7WkAETelu?

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