CCNA topics (Part 1)

Content of the CCNA courses

Following a few enquiries made via the contact form, I will describe in the next few posts the content covered in the computer networking courses run in Auckland at the Manukau Institute of Technology. Subsequent posts will cover CCNA, CCNP and CCNA Security

Get a CCNA to start a carreer in Network Engineering

Be part of the future of Network Engineering

For the first post in this set of four, I will start with the Cisco Academy course Introduction to Networks.

The main topics are:

Configuring a Network Operating system

Network Protocols and Communications

Network Access


OSI and TCP/IP Models

IP Addressing and Subnetting

This course is next scheduled to run in July 2014, and lasts for 12 weeks.  To enrol, give us a ring on 09 968 8712.  For the purpose of enrolling on the course, it is known as Advanced Networking Technology 1.

The next post will be about Routing and Switching Essentials.

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